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Inside Outside - 14 lieux | Les moments du cœur de l'île

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Inside Outside - 14 lieux

There is currently no program scheduled for this show yet.

Martin Messier continues his exploration begun with Innervision, a monumental project presented at Festival TransAmériques 2019 in partnership with the Agora de la danse and the Quartier des Spectacles.

"Inside outside" is a reduced version of Innervision, more malleable to the different spaces and without scenography. Like an orchestra conductor, Messier dictates movements and instructions in real time to four dancers who wear earpieces connected to a wireless communication system.

The 4 dancers oscillate between obedience and freedom of choice in reaction to inner voices (improvisations, explorations) and outer voices (information received, reactivity of the public). This duality is at the heart of the research. The great challenge of the dancers: a constant state of listening and a high reactivity to the instructions, while assuming a physical presence in an external space inhabited by non-representation.

"Inside outside" proposes a dialogue between interiority and exteriority, between the human being - what he carries within him, where he comes from - and the outside world and nature with which he interacts. To the sound of Messier's indications, these individuals, all dressed in black, pulsate as a single body, opening up and folding up, charging forward or lying down. All the strength of the group, the singularity of each social body, the malleable, docile, as well as indomitable matter will then appear.