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Le chant de l'arbre - Toxique Trottoir | Les moments du cœur de l'île

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Street Theater

Le chant de l'arbre - Toxique Trottoir

There is currently no program scheduled for this show yet.

The aim of “Le chant de l’arbre” is to strengthen our bond with nature, more specifically one of the most fundamental living things: the tree, a priceless natural asset. Through art, we want to highlight the profound and irreplaceable link with these living things that, by producing oxygen, are vital to all life on Earth.

By letting trees tell their own story, we want, more than ever, to convey meaning and respond artistically to contemporary issues, but in a language that is accessible to all.

The tree as storehouse of mythology and unconscious associations, the tree as a multiple habitat, the tree as a critical link in the survival of our planet: these are the primary vectors for the construction of the performance.

Toxique Trottoir

Toxique Trottoir’s mission is to create public art projects that help build a more cohesive society. The organization uses a variety of different locations – living spaces, workspaces, neighbourhoods – more broadly than conventional, narrowly defined cultural installations. Through an original relationship with the public driven by interactivity and audience engagement, Toxique Trottoir creates works for all social groups, cultures and generations, particularly those who spend little or no time on cultural activities. The company’s 2019 projects were finalists for the Grand Prix du Conseil des Arts de Montréal.